Convene, 605 3rd Ave, NYC

No live streaming, No press, No pitches, No tweets, No Hashtags. Just intimate and honest closed door conversation with some of the most successful creative professionals in the industry.

The One Club for Creativity's Executive Creative Summit is designed to be an intimate experience that connects you with fellow agency founders, partners, CCOs and C-suite creatives with the goal of sharing ideas, insights, successes and failures. Sessions are led by some of the most influential creative leaders in our business. This will help you become better at making vital decisions that can affect employees, clients, and especially your business and bottom line.

In order to keep the event intimate enough for engaging conversations to unfold, spaces for the Summit are limited, and reserved for the top creative executives within an agency, as well as agency partners and founders.

The Executive Creative Summit registration fee is $1800.00 USD.




  • Choice of ticket to either One Show (Wednesday, May 8th or Friday, May 10)

  • Exclusive access to the Executive Creative Summit at Convene

  • Thursday, May 9 - Breakfast, lunch, Group Sessions, Networking Dinner

  • Friday, 10th - Breakfast, Group Sessions, Closing Lunch


This year we are trying to make this event more inclusive and diverse. Think beyond the "usual suspects" and aim to bring a mix of gender, ethnicities, and job functions at the senior level. Bring your CEO, CFO, MD, Partner or an upcoming future leader you hope to groom/mentor. To incentivize this we are offering discounts to those who qualify with the following packages:

  • 2‑Ticket Diversity Package (Price per ticket) $1700

  • 3‑Ticket Diversity Package (Price per ticket) $1600

  • 4‑Ticket Diversity Package (Price per ticket) $1500