Losing My Privilege: What Becoming a Minority Has Taught Me About Leadership

Speaker(s): Chris Bergeron

Time: 11:00am | Room: Parlor

For nearly 40 years Chris Bergeron led the life of a straight male leader. She enjoyed some success: ran a magazine, worked as a Creative Director, won some awards. The typical life of a white male creative. Then she came out as transgender and began living her life as her true self. This talk will explore how being suddenly thrust into the realities of life as a member of a visible and sexual minority has affected her vision of the workplace and fundamentally transformed her views on leadership.


Chris Bergeron VP, Content Experience Cossette
Chris Bergeron VP, Content Experience Cossette

Chris Bergeron understands the pressures of transformation: she's transitioned from a male editor to a female advertising executive. As a journalist, an editor, a creative director, a strategist, and now as VP of Content Experience at Cossette, Canada's leading agency; she's overseen national and international content and social campaigns for McDonald's, Tourisme Montreal, Destination Canada, Liberté, and L'Oréal Paris. She is an outspoken advocate for trans rights and a woman who kicks ass every day.