Normal/Not Normal

Speaker(s): Frank De Ruwe

Time: 1:30pm | Room: Hub

Discover the warped logic of Frankey. Change the way you look at your surroundings forever. Join Frank de Ruwe as he explains his ‘not normal’ approach to creativity. His work shows an alternative, often hilarious, view on the world around us. Frank is a creative director at Natwerk and street artist from Amsterdam that goes by the name Frankey.


Frank De Ruwe Creative Partner & Founder NATWERK
Frank De Ruwe Creative Partner & Founder NATWERK

A big kid bursting with creativity and enthusiasm or a one-of-a-kind, off-kilter ideas factory? Both are true, yet neither quite captures the depth and breadth of the creative universe from which Frank de Ruwe, aka Frankey, conceives ideas as varied as guerrilla marketing campaigns, product designs, street art, music videos, and much more that have made his ad agency, Natwerk, a household name in the Netherlands.