Why Brands Need To Be Funny, Or Die

Speaker(s): Bevan Mahaney

Time: 1:30pm | Room: Forum

The world is hungry for humor. From politics to culture, tensions are at an all-time high. Thankfully, nothing breaks tension like good comedy and brands can play a particularly pivotal role in breaking through to connect through humor. Is it risky to be funny? Sure. But if it timely and intelligent, or even self-aware and silly, the benefits are worth the risk. In the current climate, humor is not just a nice idea, it’s essential to brand identity and to humanity. In this session we will discuss the power of humor and show that now more than ever, brands need to be funny or die.


Bevan Mahaney Creative Director Grey West
Bevan Mahaney Creative Director Grey West

Bevan is an award-winning creative director/writer at Grey West in Los Angeles. She began her career comedy, working at Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live. She's worked on brands like Pantene, Fitbit, Google/YouTube, Gillette, Downy, T.J.Maxx, Hasbro, and Columbia Records. She has been published in Adweek, Thrive Global and Campaign.