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Important Dates:

Call for Submissions Closes: October 14th

Community Voting: October 17th - November 15th

Selected Sessions Notified: December 2

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Organizer's Phone
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Submit a session proposal related to advertising, design and, creative tech. Session can be in the format of a panel, solo presentations or workshops. You may enter only one proposal. Create a future-focused, original proposal that shows what you’re passionate about and that would interest the creative community. Diversity is Important! – all panels (3-4 person sessions) must include diversity in gender, race, location and employment of speakers, and diversity in thought and opinion. No sales pitches, company vanity reels or work.
Your elevator pitch.
Depth and specificity – the more specific a proposal is, the better. Drill down to what really matters.
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List 3 key takeaways that will participants be able to do following the presentation?
Enter a brief biographical description for each proposed speaker that demonstrates professional qualifications, expertise on the subject matter, and/or speaking experience.

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